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RakshaKey - YubiKey Clone using V-USB and Atmega8

RakshaKey is a USB HID Device which simulates a keyboard and types in a One Time Password based on the YubiKey Algorithm.

This project is an educational project and cannot replace your existng yubikey. You will have to setup your authenticating server to authenticate the the One Time passwords generated by RakshaKey

The OTP generating code is based on YubiKey C low-level library which I ported to atmega8 using V-USB

The Validation server is based on yubikey-val

This device was built using an Atmega8 microcontroller and V-USB firmware. V-USB is a software only implementation of UBS 1.1. The entire code was written in C and compiled with avr-gcc.USBAspLoader was used to program the microcontroller.

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